May Truong

May Truong is a photographer and visual artist who lives in Toronto. She is small and tough, and possesses excellent karma and an enviable lipstick collection. May likes: wine, traveling, and Sriracha hot sauce. And she especially likes collaborating with friends and peers.

Best known for her dynamic portraits of musicians, artists, and other public personalities, May is an addict for the excitement and challenge of collaborating with different people and their ideas. The end result – “the perfect shot” – is a careful balance of vision, expression and trust. It’s about winning your subject over, from camera-shy musicians to former politicians, to the clients who have a stake in the energy of a beautiful photograph. She believes in serendipity and patience, and this philosophy guides her in capturing the innate poise of a subject or scene.

May moves easily between editorial, commercial, and artistic projects, thriving off of the unique needs and conditions of each environment. Whether its portraits for a CEO or pieces of her own art practice, May’s eye for the natural idiosyncrasies of a subject is what links her photographs.


Maclean's Magazine, The Globe and Mail, The Heart and Stroke Foundation, Brightworks, Sid Lee, Samsung, Toronto Star, The Kit, Chatelaine Magazine, Aveda Canada, Cadillac-Fairview, Corus Entertainment, PerfectoMag, Readers Digest, Flaunt Magazine, XXL Magazine, Vice Magazine, Bullet Media, Marie Claire Magazine, The Grid Magazine, Report on Business Magazine, Toronto Life Magazine, Canadian Business Magazine, Red Bull, Rethink Canada , Egg Farmers of Canada,